Fishing Holidays in the Lakes of the Allier

Beautiful Lake in the Troncais, Allier

  Carp fishing in the lakes of the Allier

Fishing holidays in the lakes and rivers of the Allier.

Enjoy the sport of wild carp and other specimen fishing in lakes of 120 hectares (360 acres) and 78 hectares (234 acres) in the forest of Tronçais – the largest oak plantation in France.

I’m willing to share my knowledge of fishing these vast lakes which I’ve gathered over the past few years, and I can honestly say these wild fish are of a good size and fight well. My personal best this year was 38 llbs, and I also caught several around 20lbs. Whilst fishing these lakes I’ve also had mixed bag of fish of up to a 100lbs, including Roach and Bream

By staying at La Platriere Cottage or B&B you will have the best of both worlds.

A fishing holiday for all the family.

Whilst you're wrestling with those wild carp down by the lake, your wife and family can be by the pool at La Platriere!

All the lakes I use are within 5-20 minutes drive away. You can park right by your swim, on all the lakes, but there some swims that you may wish to walk to.

I can show you where you need to go for your fishing permit (this is necessary to fish these lakes) or if you prefer I can get it for you so you don't waste any time.

Fishing season starts from Easter right up to November. There is no night fishing allowed but you can fish from dawn to dusk, and I will talk to you about this when you contact me.

If you want I can spend some time with you down by the lakes to show you where to fish  and how to fish. 

 If you're interested to know more, why not phone me for a chat - my telephone number direct from outside France is 0033 470679426

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Lake Pirot
A nice carp fish
Etang Goule

Some comments from what others say

"Hi I'm Dave, and I've known Andy for many years through the fishing circuit, and he was on the fishing team I sponsered. The team always did well on both the sea and freshwater circuits. Andy learned his field craft and water knowledge from a really good teacher, his father Marney, - who was one of the best "old school" fishermen. Andy would always pull something out of the water for his team, which kept the numbers up"David Ship, Bosmere Tackle, Needham, Suffolk UK

"I met Andy many years ago through fishing. I'll always remember one day, when mentioned to him that I hadn't caught any big Pike, we decided to go fishing in the Waveney river on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Andy had jokingly said "I'll show you how to catch your personal best". And he did!. We set ourselves up by the river, Andy fished to the left of an old oak tree, me on the right, and after about an hour of fishing I pull out a Pike weighing 17ibs 14oz - having got my personal best. Thanks Andy, even though I recall you blanked that day" Bill Davey, Committee member of Diss and District Angling Club, Norfolk, UK .

James fishing on Lake Pirot

"While staying at La Platriere we decided to take a walk around one of the lakes nearby in the forest, We bumped into Andy carp fishing, he suggested I tried a few hours fishing so the next day I gave it a go. What a great two hours - it turned into a full day, after catching many large bream I caught a lovely 2lb Rudd, followed by a hard fighting wild carp, I am now hooked on my new found hobby!

I am very much looking forward to my return to La Platriere and hopfully this time with a little more knowledge on how to get the best out of these fantastic fishing venues. There is something here for all ages including the specimen hunter!" James Crouch, Brandon, UK

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Coarse fishing on Lake Goule in central France
Fishing holidays for all the family
Fishing holidays central France
Waiting for that big fish, Allier France
Fish and stay in the Chambres d'hotes - Bed and Breakfast
fish and stay at La Platriere
stay at La Platriere bed and breakfast and fish in the lakes
stay at La Platriere Cottage and fish

Setting up for a good day's fishing........................................................

Getting ready for a good days fishing at Lake Pirot

A nice carp from Pirot Lake in the Allier